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Who are we?

We are a team of experts in digital marketing, SEO, social listening, content creation, crisis communications and much more. We are dedicated to helping you understand how to leverage your unexpected crisis and turn it into a growth opportunity that allows you to optimize your personal and professional brand.

With a global clientele spanning the US, Europe and Asia, we can help you no matter your location or your reputation challenge.

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Your team

Chris Padilla
CEO and CO-Founder

Ziv Navoth

Angela Stuart
Account Executive

Claire Nielsen
Head of Client Services

CJ Lewis
SEO Lead

Zoe Taylor
Head of Production

Curt Noble
SEO Lead

Parker Garlitz
Digital Lead

Stirling Ruuth
Advertising Lead

David King
Wikipedia Expert

Zoe Lin
Account Executive

Colby Benton
Reputation Specialist

Scott Greenhalgh
Social Listening Lead

Kyle Garrett
Marketing Automations Lead

Will Braunstein
Chief Operations Officer


Allan Dunlavy
Advisory Board Member

Baroness Joanna Shields
Advisory Board Member

Professor Ed Carter
Advisory Board Member

Simon Jones
Advisory Board Member